I Knew This Day Will Come

I Knew This Day Will Come is a porn movie from Love Her Feet starring the super sexy Brandi Love. If you have a foot fetish you cannot fail to love this foot fetish scene starring the sexiest MILF porn star working today. In I Knew This Day Will Come Brandi Love stars alongside lucky fellow porn actor, Bill Bailey.

I Knew This Day Will Come - Brandi Love Legs - Brandi Love Feet


In this smoking hot foot fetish scene the sexy Brandi Love has invited her friend and work colleague, Bill Bailey, over to discuss some work. They enjoy a glass of wine together then Brandi tells Bill she has always noticed him looking down when he’s in the office. She wants to know if Bill has a thing for women’s feet and if he is having a sly glimpse at the feet of women in the office.

As you would imagine at first poor Bill is speechless and embarrassed. When Brandi Love explains she finds his foot fetish a turn on and how her husband is away Bill lights up. he realises he will get the chance to treat Brandi Love like the goddess she is and worship her pretty feet. Bill is more than happy to have Brandi Love’s feet all over his face, in his mouth, and rubbing against his cock.


Starring :- Brandi Love