Anyone who is both a fan of the sexy Tina Kay and happens to love women wearing stockings will love Replay. Replay is a porn movie from Brazzers which stars the very sexy Tina Kay wearing stockings while been fucked by Danny D.

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This Tina Kay porn scene from Brazzers see everyones favorite pornstar take on the role of a stripper. The scene sees Danny D get his hands on magic watch which allows him to travel a few minutes back in time whenever he wants. It turns out he has taken quite a liken to stripper Tina Kay wearing stockings. All he wants is to pick her up and fuck her brains out in the back room of the club.

He puts his watch into action and makes attempt after attempt at seducing this smoking hot pornstar stripper. Tima and time again he fails at the art of seduction but then, in true Groundhog Day style, he slowly but surely learns the right things to say and do. This gives him an awesome power over this sexy stripper. Tina Kay sucks his huge cock and is then more than happy to have her wet pussy pounded in every position her chooses. From cowgirl to pile-driver, she is more than happy to oblige. The scene finishes with Danny D delivering a huge facial while looking at Tina Kay’s legs in her stockings.


Starring :- Tina Kay

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