The Raise

If you love nothing more than smoking hot girls with beautiful feet and sexy legs you will love The Raise, a foot fetish porn movie from Love Her Feet. In Love Her Feet the stunningly beautiful Jillian Janson shows off her sexy legs and pretty feet and uses them in the most heavenly of ways.

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In this foot fetish porn movie from Love Her Feet the beautiful Jillian Janson has heard one of her employees, a guy named Sterling, is not happy with his current salary. He is certainly one of the best employees at her company so she wastes no time providing him with a raise just like he was wanting. The problem is he is still not happy as he wanted a bigger raise. The problem is Jillian Janson knows she will never get approval from her board to provide him with a bigger pay rise.

Lucky for him Jillian Janson has noticed on many occasions him looking down at her feet and legs. That gives her the perfect idea on how to satisfy him without any money changing hands. She invites him over to her house where she waits wearing a skin tight, short dress and her favorite black high heels. It takes no time for him to accept a footjob from Jillian Janson rather than wanting any financial gain. After all, who would not want to shoot their load all over Jillian Janson’s feet.


Starring :- Jillian Janson